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Commercial & FFMs
Wind & Water Staff is authorized to service All the Brands we sell.  What does that mean to you?  We have had Factory training and get the job done right!

Aga FFM  -

OTS - Com systems, Gaurdian Masks & accessories.
Ocean Reef - FFMs & Com Systems

Kirby Morgan  -EXO 26 Masks, Blocks  & Parts -

    YES WE can order Your BARE CD4 Drysuit again!   YOU have one more week I need deposit and to size up your CD4 so you will have it in time for harvest season.   Deadline is Friday the 18th  of August .  
Bare Drysuits -
Viking Drysuits -

 DUI Drysuits -  when comfort matters
Abyss Drysuits -  for those of you looking for that Kevlar suit, here it is.    abyss is a new addition to our lines and although they can be spendy we think some of you will love them .  

Other commercial related gear we stock:  Hansen fittings,
Low Pressure & HP Oil for Breathing air compressors, NPT fittings & hose ends, Bandit to repair your dive hose, Lead, Miller Harness's, Packboards, Glue's, gloves, hoods, Tanks & button gauges,and several styles of Dive Computors.  

Here at Wind & Water we realize making a living under the water can be challenging at best and we will do our best to get you under the ocean.  With that in mind, You as a Harvester or Commercial Diver need to remember that Ketchikan is a small island and we do not stock all the suit sizes 300 divers might need or a dozen masks just in case .  During your work season we will always have basic drysuits and FFM in stock, But the feet or wrist may not be just the right size or just the way you like it.  Be Prepared- I start ordering gear 3 months prior to your dive season, so take the time & let us order your drysuits sized for you!  Or get the mask color you want.   Our Prices are competitive, we are here when you need us, Internet stores are not.   We service what we sell, first.  We can Hydro those bailout bottles right here on the island.    We are continually looking for gear that may serve you better.  So if you have ideas Just let Saunya know.               

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Alaskan Diving DIVE GEAR Here!ServicesImage GalleryContact Us
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